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The Vasectomy Blog


Vasectomy Doctors in Utah


In general, a surgical procedure which is performed on males to make them sterile such that they are unable to father a child is known as vasectomy.  Vasectomy is a permanent birth control way of contraception for males.


What this procedure does is a simply matter of blocking the tubes leading to the testes and with that the male patient continues to perform his vital organ unchanged.  The man's testes can still produce sperms but because the tubes at the testes are blocked, the sperms die and are absorbed by the body.  In addition, the testosterone level, male characteristics, erection capability - all remain the same.  In the US, survey reports that an approximate half a million of vasectomies are performed each year.  With this survey, it narrows down to the ratio of one out of six males at age 35 and above have gone through vasectomy.


Utah has one of the highest rating of successful vasectomies which are performed by specially trained, micro-surgeons.  There are two ways of opting for vasectomy, as offered by Utah doctors, the  vasovasostomy and vasoepidiymostomy.  In vasovasostomy, men have 95% chance of having their sperms return to their ejaculate, while in vasoepidiymostomy, there's a 70-90% chance of having the sperms return to their ejaculate. For more facts about vasectomy, visit this website at


What matters is that undergoing vasectomy entails urgent reasons, such as - men want to enjoy sex without worrying about pregnancy, men do not want to have more children, their partners have health problems which might make pregnancy difficult, men and their partners have chosen this as a form of birth control, men want to save expense rather than having their partners undergo birth control surgery.


It is highly advisable that the male patient discuss this procedure seriously with his partner to remove any such obstacles for vasectomy to be performed.  Discussions can dwell on factors, like advanced maternal age to extracting sperms and depositing in a bank sperm, which is on a case-to-case basis.  If banking the sperm is also considered, a small incision is performed in the testicle to extract tubules, which is taken later to the andrology lab where sperm extraction is done and after which is frozen.

Know the vasectomy utah cost here!


As high as $1,000 is the cost of vasectomy in the US, which will depend on the kind of procedure and other entailing requirements.


There are many competent Utah doctors who specialize in vasectomy; it's a matter of going online and search Utah's medical directories.


Among those who specialized in vasectomy, Utah doctors, like Dr. Justin Parkinson and Dr. G. Blake Johnson, are well known in the vasectomy field.  For the records, Dr. Parkinson has been performing vasectomies at the rate of 2,000 no-scalpel vasectomies since year 2006 and 400-500 vasectomies per year and Dr. Johnson is a vasectomy practitioner for the last 15 years.  Although the choice is not just limited to these two, there are actually many good vasectomy doctors in Utah, it's all a matter of reaching to them online from Utah's top listed hospitals and vasectomy clinic.